Royal Botanic Garden


10 thoughts on “Royal Botanic Garden

  1. Your pictures are beautiful. In particular, the white flower has it done to me. I love the color white in nature. And your flower is a beautiful macro shot. Best wishes, Louise-Lotte

    • Hi Ryan, thanks for stopping by! This is Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. I’ve been to Kew Gardens, and I must say it’s not worth £17 I paid last year. Although I liked Palm House, very exotic!

      • Thank you for informing me even though I’ve been to Edinburgh a few times they have only been a few days long so I haven’t known let alone been to the erbg. But I totally agree about Kew but you may have been there before the new improvements but if you’re not afraid of heights there is a tree top walkway which (on a clear day) you should get some good pictures, but I wouldn’t know because I’m afraid of heights so I’m just getting information of off my mother, but still not worth the price unless you get it on the right day.
        From Ryan.n

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